Peace on earth, in America? …Here’s how

By E. William Sockey III
Custodian of the National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of the USA –

In the spring of 1916, during World War I, Pope Benedict called on all the children of the warring nations to offer Holy Communion for an end of the war and peace on earth. An angel appeared to the three children of Fatima and gave them Holy Communion. Francisco and Jacinta received their First Holy Communion from the angel, who told the children he was the Angel of Peace. The angel told the children that peace could be obtained for their nation through prayer and sacrifices offered up as reparation for the conversion of sinners. When Lucia asked how to offer sacrifices the angel said to make everything we can a sacrifice, above all to accept and bear with submission the suffering we encounter each day and offer it up as reparation for sin.

The next year, on May 5, Pope Benedict added “Queen of Peace, pray for us” to the Litany of Loreto and asked the entire Church to join with him in petition to Our Lady Queen of Peace for peace on earth. Eight days later Our Lady appeared to the three children at the Cove of Peace (Cova da Iria) in Fatima. She explained that war is a consequence of sin and that peace can be attained only by reducing sin through the conversion of sinners. The key is that peace is the fruit of people loving God and loving their neighbors; sinning makes people selfish and uncaring about others and this leads to conflict, strife and war. Hence, if we want peace we need to spread love of God and neighbor as widely as possible throughout the world, and this requires converting those who do not love God and their neighbors. If Christians ignore this responsibility we will suffer the consequences.

The simple peace plan from Heaven

So what are we to do? Our Lady asked for prayer and sacrifice for the conversion of sinners. The daily Rosary is the most powerful prayer, because we pray 53 times to Our Lady, “pray for us sinners” and 6 times to Our Lord, “draw all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of Thy mercy.” The Angel of Peace explained that the most effective sacrifice is to offer our daily trials and tribulations as reparation for the conversion of sinners. Our Lady asked us to offer our sacrifices to God “for love of Jesus, for the conversion of sinners and as reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” It is instructive that Our Lord told St. Faustina, in the Divine Mercy messages, that “prayer and suffering” is the most effective way to convert sinners.

Embrace your daily crosses joyfully

So it is clear what we need to do. The Rosary alone is not enough. Our Lady herself told us that sacrifices of reparation are also necessary to obtain peace for our country and the world. The Angel of Peace told us the most effective way to offer sacrifices of reparation is to offer up our daily trials and tribulations. Sister Lucia actually spoke about this, advising that Catholics embrace a radical conversion in the way we look at our suffering, seeing it as part of our mission to convert the world. We aren’t here referring to making voluntary sacrifices, but to accepting our crosses — the involuntary suffering that comes to everyone even on good days — and turning them into acts of reparation for converting those who don’t love God or their neighbors.

We should begin each day, the moment we wake up – even before we get out of bed – with two prayers: “My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love you; I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love you,” and “O my Jesus, I accept and bear with submission whatever crosses God permits in my life today for love of you, for the conversion of sinners and in reparations for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.” We should do our best to develop a habit of recognizing our crosses in our daily trials and tribulations and offering them up as they occur throughout the day. And we should let others know about the critical importance of daily prayer and sacrifice for the conversion of sinners in order to obtain peace for our country and the world.


We have an excellent brochure, “9 Seconds of Prayer to Change the World,” that our members can use to explain to others how to fulfill this request of Our Lady. Please call our gift shop at 866-513-1917 or visit us online.

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  1. We only are to pray FIVE times the Fatima Prayer as requested specifically by our Lady AFTER the decade… NOT before!!

    • I’m not sure what you are referring to in this article.

  2. What is the difference between your Fatima & the America Needs Fatima.

    • Our organization has been around since 1947, founded by Msgr. Harold Colgan and John Haffert. John Haffert met with Sister Lucia in 1946 and together they composed the Blue Army pledge and the organization was founded on the premise that we would be the Blue Army of Our Lady against the Red Army of Communism. In 2005 we were made a public association of the faithful under the Pontifical Council for the Faithful. We are the only organization that speaks on behalf of the Church and with the authority of the Church on the message of Fatima. We exist solely to help people learn, live and spread the message of Fatima. This means, not just pray the Rosary, but offer your daily sufferings, consecrate yourself to the Immaculate Heart, wear the brown scapular and practice the First Saturday devotions. We operate the National Blue Army Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Washington, NJ, where our headquarters are, and publish Soul Magazine (in print since 1950). We also operate Domus Pacis hotel and retreat center in Fatima, Portugal, which is our international center. Our organization’s history is quite extensive and we have been responsible for many important endeavors, including spreading the message worldwide through the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue (traveling since 1947) returning the precious Icon of Kazan to Russia through Pope St. John Paul II, publishing the English translation of Sister Lucia’s biography, ensuring the Pilgrim Virgin Statue intended for Russia (the Odessa Statue) was brought to Russia after Communism fell and religious freedom was established.John Haffert wrote 32 books on Fatima and spoke all over the world. He and Msgr. Colgan truly built an army of people who pray and do penance daily as Our Lady requested. We continue their mission.

      America Needs Fatima has been around since maybe the 1980s. They are the fundraising arm in the United States for Tradition, Family & Property, which originated in Brazil. They have an order of consecrated men headquartered in Pennsylvania, which is where they get their army of volunteers. They do not operate under the authority of the Church, and that is by choice. They are often mistaken for our organization because they use a photo of a replica of the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue (which is under our custodianship) in all of their marketing and fundraising. They do a lot of public Rosary rallies and in-home visits with their statues. They are known to send a lot of fundraising appeals with rosaries, the picture of the statue, etc. and can be quite persistent.

  3. It doesn’t get any plainer than your answer Barbara; well done. I for one, can vouch for the struggle The World Apostolate of Fatima has experienced during all the time since its inception to attain the status it has now. We have strived hard to gain the approval of the Holy See to spread the true message of Fatima. To Jesus through Mary.

  4. Excellent article!

  5. I’ve noticed, on blogs having to do with the Fatima occurrences, that there is some difference of opinion on the ‘consecration of Russia’: did it occur, was it done properly, and so on. I think the evidence of 100 years of daily news is that it didn’t work, whatever ‘it’ was.
    Wars have become larger and more brutal. Imperial despots have been replaced by ‘up from the ranks’ dictators*, diseases have, in spite of science, become more widespread and formerly treatable ones have become untreatable, injustice and hatred have become the norm.
    Much of this can be gathered under the head of bad government. I wonder why the apparitions failed to mention the only possible solution, perfect government? That possibility was presented to all Christians 2000 years ago: Mt 6:9,10. “… on EARTH, as in heaven”. Moreover, unless Jesus was a liar or a practical joker, it’s a certain solution, not just ‘possible’. It was even foretold long before his day, at Dan 2:44; Ps 37:10,11,29 and many other places. It brings about the fulfilment of Yahweh’s original and unchanged purpose for man, Gen 1:28.
    Jesus told us to pray for it; no “scapular” mentioned. Is that all we are to do? When can we expect it? At Mt 24&25, Lu 21, Mr 13 and at 2Tim 3:1-5 we’re given signs of its imminence. Do we see those signs now?
    What do you think?

    *Note especially the transitions from Tsar Alexander to Stalin to Putin!

    • Our Lady said on July 13, 1917 that to prevent these things (souls going to hell, WWII, the errors of Russia being spread), she would come to ask for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart AND the Communions of Reparation on the First Saturday. She came to ask for the Communions of Reparation on the First Saturdays on December 10, 1925. That was the first request, even before the consecration of Russia. Sister Lucia set about trying to propagate this devotion, which in some sense was already a practice in the Church, but now it was for a specific reason – five consecutive for the five blasphemies against the Immaculate Heart.

      She then came to ask for the Consecration of Russia on June 13, 1929. Sister Lucia once again set about trying to get this accomplished with the Church hierarchy. Our Lord complained to her on several occasions that this was not getting done, and “Like the King of France, they will do it, but they will do it late;” Russia would already have spread its errors around the world. Sister Lucia allowed that God had a plan even so, “The same God who asked for this is the one who permits (its delay).” She did her best. Later she would state that the consecration of Russia was so that Russia could “get” converted — be freed of the stranglehold of atheistic communism, but the practice of the First Saturday devotion was so that conversion would be more perfect. We were asked first to practice the First Saturday devotion – the Communion of Reparation. We are to do reparation so that Russia’s conversion can be more perfect.

      Bad governments are a reflection of the society that voted them in. God can hear the prayers of the people and topple bad governments. The more we pray, do penance, offer sacrifices in reparation for sin, the more people can be granted the grace to convert. This spiritual battle started with the ancient serpent and the fall of Lucifer. We are now in the battle with the dragon in the book of Revelation who could not conquer the “woman clothed with the sun” so he went after her offspring. This is an ongoing spiritual battle and we need to get behind the “Woman” who has been granted, with her Son, to crush the head of the serpent. We’ve already won the battle, but we’re still in it.

      Our Lady came to give us an answer for our times, a chance for peace if we did what she asked. This is for our time. God does not abandon us ever. He gave us the easy way first – the Consecration and the Communions of Reparation – and he gave plenty of time to get this done 13 years, before the outbreak of WWII. We didn’t listen, so now we have to live through the third part of the secret – we have to go the hard way. But don’t give up. Have hope. We can start now. Thank you for commenting.

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