St. Maximilian Kolbe and the Message of Fatima

By E. William Sockey III

From the letters of St. Maxmilian Kolbe (Office of Readings for August 14th)

It is sad for us to see in our own time that indifferentism in its many forms is spreading like an epidemic not only among the laity but also among religious. But God is worthy of glory beyond measure, and therefore, it is of absolute and supreme importance to seek that glory with all the power of our feeble resources…

The most resplendent manifestation of God’s glory is the salvation of souls whom Christ redeemed by shedding his blood. To work for the salvation and sanctification of as many souls as possible, therefore, is the preeminent purpose of the apostolic life.

 It is beyond all doubt that Mary’s will represents to us the will of God himself. By dedicating ourselves to her we become in her hands instruments of God’s mercy even as she was such an instrument in God’s hands. We should let ourselves be guided and led by Mary and rest quiet and secure in her hands. She will watch out for us, provide for us, answer our needs of body and spirit; she will dissolve all our difficulties and worries.

This is the context of the message of Our Lady of Fatima. Our Lady came to Fatima in response to the prayers of the Church for peace on May 5, 1917 and the children’s holy communions for peace requested by the Holy Father in 1916. But the world was too steeped in sin to live in peace! Christians, both laity and religious, were increasingly indifferent to devoutly living and spreading the faith, especially in Europe and the Americas. So Our Lady called her children “To work for the salvation and sanctification of as many souls as possible” in order to bring peace to our nations and the world.

The whole Church prayed for peace and Our Lady responded by calling us to the apostolate of converting sinners, principally through prayer and sacrifices of reparation. The Apostolate of Fatima strives for the glory of God through the conversion of sinners according to Our Lady’s instructions, and in that way works for peace.




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